Aura Culinary Arts

Holistic Wellness Workshops

 2023 class  schedule 

Some restrictions due to Covid

Reiki  level 1& 2 workshops $150 each

 The Master Class $350

Animal Reiki workshop $150 
 by request

Out of the Deep 

Revitalize and Renewal
Weekend Healing Retreat

Plant the seeds of healing 
and take advantage of the new birth and energy
 that every Season brings.
This retreat will focus on 
setting your intentions and gaining clarity 
of your healing path.

My mission is to help reunite people with their emotional selves,

 to facilitate healing from depression, anxiety and past trauma.

I enjoy  leading small groups I also work 1:1 with those seeking a new path.

 Meals and workshop

By request 2023

$ 375. per. person 

6 space available


Available by request

Living with Autoimmune Disorder
Eating better for
Lifestyle changes for your Health

               How to Raise Your Emotional & 
Spiritual Vibration

Connecting with your GUIDES
Communicate With The Higher Self 
For Answers
 Healing Powers Intuitive Creative Art

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